International ear care day

The International Ear Care Day is annually held on March 3. The event was established by the World Health Organization with a view to raising awareness and promoting hearing care across the world.

In the lead –up to the event, Olga V. Alekhno, Chief of the Surgery Suite, took part in Health program on Culture Radio. The program was devoted to the International Ear Care Day. Olga Alekhno told the audience about causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hearing loss.

Every day the specialist of the center provide the patients with an opportunity to hear.

The Republican Center for Research and Practice in Otolaryngology initiated the screening of all newborns for hearing loss all over the country. Deaf children and children with hearing impairment are registered in the relevant state register. In our country, infants (under 1 year) get digital hearing aids. Bone conduction hearing aids are used to improve hearing in patients with congenital defects of the external or middle ear. A new endonasal tube dilation method has been implemented for the first time in the Republic of Belarus and CIS.