Department of off-budget activities

Tatyana N. Butsenko

Chief of the Department

Phone: +375 (17) 200 38 35

The core activities of the Department are:

  •  consultation, diagnosis and treatment of adults and children;
  •  complete examination of children and adults, examination of ENT organs with the help of endoscopes (with video recording) and microscopes, ambulatory surgery.

Non-surgical treatment:

  1. ear inflation (tubootitis);
  2. irrigation of paranasal sinuses according to Proetz (acute and chronic sinusitis);
  3. ear toilet using microsuction;
  4. ear wax removal;
  5. removal of a foreign body form ENT organs;
  6. irrigation of tonsil lacunae using an antiseptic agent (chronic non-acute tonsillitis);
  7. intralaryngeal infusion of medications;

Minimally invasive ambulatory surgery using Surgitron radio-frequency unit:

  •  submucous radio-frequency vasotomy of nasal turbinates;
  •  radio-frequency uvulopalatoplasty, somnoplasty (treatment of snoring);
  •  removal of benign tumors of nasal, pharyngeal and tonsil mucosa;
  •  paracentesis of eardrums (acute secretory otitis media);
  •  placement of shunts, including long-term shunts (chronic secretory otitis media);
  •  myringotomy (closure of an acute perforation of the eardrum).

Otolaryngologists use advanced diagnostic equipment.

The Department has the following equipment:
  • ATMOS C31 ENT treatment unit;
  • GSI 38 tympanometer
  • Ormipico Binocular Rhinomanometer;
  • Electrocautery for ATMOS LCS-100 ETN unit;
  • Baroterm ear irrigation system.