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Department of Psychoneurology

Angelica M.Zabolotnaya

Chief of the Department.

The specialists of the department provide psychological, neurological, correctional and educational aid to the patients with speech and language disorders combined with mental disorders. The department consists of the rooms of psychology and neurology and the day patient department for patients with stuttering.

The specialists of the department provide consultations daily, in two shifts (a prior appointment and a referral are required) and:

  • follow up the patients and provide ambulatory treatment;
  • perform differential diagnosis of speech and language disorders and related conditions in patients with early infantile autism, hearing impairment and cognitive development disorders;
  • consult parents on rehabilitation of children with speech and language disorders;
  • provide correctional and educational aid to children;
  • select children with severe stuttering, dysarthria, alalia, for admission to the inpatient department of psychoneurology; select adults and teenagers with stuttering for admission to the day patient department of stammering treatment;
  • assess speech and language skills in enlistment age citizens;
  • provide consultations and diagnostic services to foreign citizens.

In the department of psychoneurology, speech and language teachers may undergo refresher courses; students of M. Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University may undergo pre-graduation practical trainings in speech and language pathology. The specialists of the department use the latest methods for speech development and improvement in patients suffering from alalia, dysarthria, hypernasal speech, stuttering and other speech and language disorders.

They also use Visible Speech computer program and the method of rehabilitation of a disturbed interhemispheric coordination and development of interhemispheric specialization in children with speech and mental disorders.

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