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Department of Function Tests

Chief of the Department of Function Tests

Core activities:

  • consultations, treatment, diagnosis, provision of correctional and pedagogical care to children and teenagers (aged 0 to 18) with hearing impairment and associated speech and language disorders;
  • early detection of prelingual hearing disorders in children
  • early medical and educational rehabilitation of such children;
  • selection of patients for hearing improvement surgery, including Cochlear implantation, placement of hearing aids, hearing reeducation.

The specialists of the department assess hearing in children, examine ENT organs with the help of endoscopes and microscopes, perform ambulatory surgeries for hearing and speech disorders.

The teachers of children who are hearing impaired focus on:

  • development of auditory perception using verbal and non verbal speech;
  • proper pronunciation;
  • development of continuous speech;
  • improvement of school skills (reading, writing, arithmetic);
  • development of overall intelligence.

Our specialists use an individual approach in their work. They may also consult parents on education and upbringing of children with hearing impairment or Cochlear implants. They use advanced methods and latest developments, computer programs and applications for the development of auditory perception and pronunciation skills in children who are hearing impaired.

Scientific and research activities:

  • implants in rehabilitation of patients with various types of hearing impairment;
  • obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in children.

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