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Surgery Suite

Olga A. Korneliuk

Chief of the Surgery Suite

Tel.: +375 (17) 317 54 98

Skillful and experienced nurses ensure proper performance of surgeries, including high-tech surgical interventions.

The Surgery Suite has the following equipment:

  • surgical microscopes;
  • micromotor systems;
  • microdebrider (shaver) systems;
  • video endoscopy stands with kits of tools;
  • fiberscopes;
  • facial nerve monitoring system;
  • advanced set of tools for all types of ENT surgery.

Core scientific activities

The specialists of the Surgery Suite perform the following surgical interventions:

  • surgery for chronic suppurative otitis media;
  • diagnosis of and surgery for the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome;
  • surgery for polypoid sinusitis;

Ambulatory surgery.

One of the key goals of the Surgery Suite is to increase the number of ambulatory surgeries. The ambulatory surgery suite has the advanced video endoscopy system and necessary optic tools to perform surgeries on outpatient basis.

Surgical interventions

All surgeries are performed according to the latest techniques and comply with the world standards of medical care. The Surgery Suite has the equipment necessary to carry out:

  • Ear surgery:
    1. Cochlear implantation;
    2. implantation of bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA system);
    3. vibroplasty;
    4. stapedoplasty;
    5. all types of tympanoplasty;
    6. sanitation surgeries;
    7. removal of benign tumors of the external and middle ear;
    8. plastic ear surgeries (otoplasty, ear prosthesis);
  • Nose and paranasal sinus surgery:
    1. surgery for deviated nasal septum, for intranasal structures;
    2. endoscopic surgery for paranasal sinuses;
    3. removal of nasolacrimal duct obstruction (endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy);
    4. plastic surgery (rhinoplasty, nasal valve surgery).
  • Pharyngeal surgery:
    1. adenoidectomy;
    2. tonsillectomy;
    3. uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.
  • Laryngeal surgery:
    1. removal of laryngeal obstruction, laryngeal and upper tracheal stenosis;
    2. removal of benign laryngeal tumors.

The specialists of the department may diagnose the obstruction sleep apnea syndrome (endoscopic examination of upper air passages during medication sleep) and perform surgical correction of nasal structures and larynx depending of apnea level.

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