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Department of Phoniatrics

Natalya S. Konoiko

Chief of the Department of Phoniatrics of the Consultation Clinic.

Phoniatric care is provided to the patients with voice disorders, particularly to voice professionals:

  • artists;
  • TV and radio hosts;
  • lecturers and faculty members;
  • teachers , including music teachers;
  • kindergarten teachers;
  • vocalists;
  • members of clergy, etc.

Core activities:

  • development of the procedures for early detection of voice disorders and dealing with phoniatric expertise issues;
  • rehabilitation of voice function in patients with laryngeal pareses and paralyses, after reconstructive surgery for the removal of laryngeal stenosis;
  • correction of speech and voice disorders caused by the dysfunction of soft palate;
  • teaching the patients, who underwent laryngectomy to use esophageal speech.

About the Department

The specialists of the developed the following guidelines: “Unilateral laryngeal pareses and paralyses. Clinical picture, diagnosis and rehabilitation”, “Prevention of voice disorders in voice professionals”, got certificates for 2 rational proposals and drew up applications for 2 patents of invention.

The phoniatricians of the department use the latest methods of diagnosis and rehabilitation of voice disorders. There is a workplace for an otolaryngologist, microscope, rigid endoscope, stroboscope and an ENT video endoscopy system in each room. They may also use fiber laryngoscopes and X-ray tomography to examine a patient’s larynx. The patients with laryngeal pareses and paralyses, dysfunction of the soft palate and functional voice disorders may undergo electrotherapy using vocaSTIM-MASTER unit.

Up to 15 000 of patients from all over the country are consulted by the specialists of the department each year. Annually, over 400 patients with voice disorders are admitted to hospital. The phoniatricians of the department apply effective proprietary methods for voice rehabilitation in voice professionals.

The specialists of the department provide on-the-job-trainings. They have over 100 scientific publications and participate in TV and radio programs, deliver lectures on the prevention of voice disorders in voice professionals.

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