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Department of Psychoneurology for Children

Svetlana A. Greben

Chief of the Department

Phone: 375 (17) 200 41 79

The specialists of the department provide special psychological, neurological, correctional and pedagogical care to children and teenagers (aged 3.5 to 18) with various speech-language pathologies (stuttering, alalia, aphasia, severe dysarthria, hypernasal speech, etc.) combined with mental disorders (developmental delay, behavioral disorder, phobias, enuresis, tics, etc.), autism spectrum disorders and behavioral disorders.

Key approaches to diagnosis and treatment:

  • comprehensive and differentiated approach to treatment of the patients with speech and mental disorders;
  • multidiscipline approach. The specialists in various disciplines work together and ensure better speech development, better motivation to learn, better working capacity, better self-regulation, better control of speech, better memory, better attention; development of a stable speech dominance in brain cortex, normalization of muscle, gross and fine motor skills, coordination of movements.

Key correctional and treatment methods:

  • combined medication treatment using nootropics;
  • comprehensive assessment of speech disorders in children with autism spectrum disorders using M. Sandberg’s Language assessment schedule;
  • physiotherapy. Prescription of sinusoidal modulated currents (for the mouth floor), Kellat-Zmanovsky galvanization (for expression line areas);
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy, DANCE therapy, laser puncture, acupuncture, massage;
  • educational programs for the development of thinking, attention, memory (Visible speech, Speech and Language teacher’s Army);
  • psychotherapy: Ericksonian hypnosis, directive hypnosis, psychosynthesis, symboldrama, group psychotherapy (including gestalt therapy), play therapy, art therapy, fairy tale therapy and behavioral therapy (public speaking, performances);
  • music therapy.

Implemented methods of diagnosis and treatment:

  • diagnosis of hyperkinetic disorders in children;
  • physiotherapeutic method: use of electrophoresis + pyridoxine to reduce main symptoms of neurosis in children;
  • art therapy for psychological correction;
  • therapeutic speech massage for treatment of severe speech disorders. Massage ensures mechanical stimulation of the muscles of speech production;
  • transcranial direct current stimulation as part of a combined therapy for the children with severe speech disorders. It improves speech and cognitive skills (memory, attention, thinking, cognitive interest, diligence).

Scientific activities:

  • development of methods for the assessment of verbal and language skills in children with specific speech disorders and autism spectrum disorders;
  • development of the procedure for a differential diagnosis of speech disorders in children with specific speech disorders and autism spectrum disorders and introduction of the procedure in practice;
  • development of methods of combined treatment of speech disorders in children with autism spectrum disorders.

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