Department of Otolaryngology (Audiology) for Adult Patients

Nina Y. Kostyuk

Chief of the Department of Otolaryngology (Audiology) for Adult Patients of the Consultation Clinic

Staff of the Department

Galina V. Malishevskaya - Otolaryngologist.

Natalya G. Mamchits - Otolaryngologist.

The specialists of the Department of Otolaryngology (Audiology) for Adult Patients provide consultations, treatment and diagnostic services to the adult patients with various ear pathologies:

Врачи отделения осуществляют:

  • endoscopic and microscopic examinations of ENT organs;
  • complex diagnosis of hearing disorders;
  • selection of patients for non-surgical and surgical treatment, including hearing improvement surgeries, Cochlear implantation;
  • ambulatory surgeries.

Scientific activities:

  1. chronic suppurative otitis media;
  2. otomycosis of trephine cavities;

Implemented methods and proposals:

  1. rational proposal “Procedure for the diagnosis of endolymphatic hydrops of the inner ear with the help of glycerol test using with recording of the evoked otoacoustic emission”;
  2. over-vein laser irradiation of blood (NLOK therapy) is used to treat sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus;
  3. endaural electrophoresis with Biol mud extraction for treatment of chronic secretory otitis media and eustachitis;
  4. high-frequency therapy (low-intensity noise therapy) for treatment of acute and chronic sensorineural hearing loss.