Research Department

Yuliya E. Eremenko

Associate Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Chief of the Research Department

Staff of the department:

Elena L. Malec

Tatsiana D. Andrianova

Tatsiana V. Domorackaya

Anna A.Kupriyanova

Olga A. Korneliuk

Victoria V. Lisockaya

Ekaterina S.Tishkevich

Ekaterina V. Shestakova

Anna R.Delianova

Gennadiy V.Gudniy

Natalya L. Zaikina

Andrey S. Makarin-Kibak

Anna Y.Podrez

Merkulova E.P.

The key scientific and research activities of the Republican Center for Research and Practice in Otolaryngology:

  1. Development  of the method of diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory disease of middle ear and the nasal cavity and the film-forming caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria;
  2. Development of Algorithms for diagnosis of nasal cycle in patients with different ENT pathology;
  3. Development of pathogenetically method of endoscopy of the upper airway condition medically induced sleep in patients with sleep breathing stops for improving the efficiency of diagnosis;
  4. Development of the evaluation criteria and the method of expert and rehabilitation care for patients with the consequences of the auditory organ diseases, based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health;
  5. Development  of clinical protocols of medical treatment and rehabilitation of children with hearing impairment" branch scientific and technical program "Mother and Child Health - the wealth of society;
  6. Development of the method of stopping  postoperative bleeding from the nasal cavity using a nasal tampon domestic production with the function of nasal breathing;
  7. Development of the method of providing medical care to patients with chronic otitis media with effusion.