Research Department

Yuliya E. Eremenko

Associate Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Chief of the Research Department

Сотрудники отделения:

Zhanna v. Kolyadich

Tatyana d. Andrianova

Tatyana v. Domoratskaya

Ekaterina v. Shestakova

Pavel. N. Kulchitsky

Anna n. Kotovich

Darya a. Berezovskaya

Gennady v. Gudny

Svetlana l. Kozlova

Tatyna n. Butsenko

The key scientific and research activities of the Republican Center for Research and Practice in Otolaryngology in 2016:

  1. development of new approaches to the provision of medical care, new methods of high tech medical interventions, new medical activities, implementation and use of research results and innovations in everyday practice;
  2. development of new scientific activities of the center;
  3. development of medical science (otolaryngology, speech and language pathology, psychoneurology), management of scientific activities within the center and in the Republic of Belarus;
  4. control of conduction of fundamental and applied research and developments, control of the quality of the research activities;
  5. development and implementation of the activities on application and use of the latest achievements and state of the art medical technologies in everyday practice;
  6. consultation and support of the specialists of the center;
  7. development and promotion of the cooperation between the specialists of the center and the specialists of health care institutions, divisions of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, manufacturers and foreign partners;
  8. coordination of all research in otolaryngology within the republic;
  9. development of the solutions for the improvement of otolaryngological care provision in Belarus;
  10. training of higher scientific qualification specialists in otolaryngology;
  11. development of an evidence based procedure for early diagnosis of hearing impairment in children of various ages and its introduction into everyday practice, development of a comprehensive system for early detection of hearing disorders;
  12. continuous monitoring, detection and inclusion of deaf children and children with hearing impairment in the relevant register;
  13. development of the assessment criteria used for the selection of patients, who will undergo hearing improvement procedures;
  14. development of the rehabilitation and expert diagnosis of neurosensory hearing disorders in children, adults and patients with Cochlear implants, development of hearing rehabilitation techniques;
  15. development of the procedure for the examination and treatment of the patients with the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and its practical use;
  16. improvement of the efficiency of surgical and non surgical treatment of the patients with chronic suppurative otitis media;
  17. development of the procedure for the diagnosis and further differential treatment of the patients with polypoid sinusitis, patients with combined respiratory pathology (Samter’s triad, etc.) and introduction of the procedure into everyday use;
  18. development of the procedure for the diagnosis and differential treatment of the patients with nasal valve pathologies and introduction of the procedure into everyday use;
  19. development of new research activities relating to the detection of the disorders of the nasal cycle in the patients with ENT diseases;
  20. development of a clinical treatment protocol and further rehabilitation of the children with hearing impairment;
  21. development of new methods for the treatment of secretory otitis media and their implementation in practice.